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Med 2 Contour Dual Wide The Premier solution for noninvasive circumference reduction

Med 2 Contour Dual Wide The Premier solution for noninvasive circumference reduction

Med2 Contour Dual is an innovative system for the treatment of deep fat and localized adiposity. The two handpieces of Med Contour Dual work in tandem to treat the target area and achieve noticeable results – without surgery.

The system delivers a double beam of low frequency ultrasound energy to the fatty tissue layer below the surface of the skin. The resulting acoustic thermal and acoustic mechanical effects generate localized heat to the underlying fatty tissue matrix, creating a “micro-massage” effect and warming connective tissue. No incisions are required.

What can you treat with Med2 Contour Dual?

  • Body Contouring
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Circumference Reduction

How Med2 Contour Dual benefits your patient?

  • Noticeable results as early as the first treatment
  • Comfortable treatment
  • No downtime
  • Non-invasive body contouring alternative for patients not ready, willing, or able to have surgery
  • Customised treatment
  • No additional diet and exercise programs for results
  • Safe and effective

How Med2 Contour Dual benefits your practice?

  • Strong patient demand for no downtime procedures
  • Combines with surgical procedures
  • Fulfills an unmet patient need for non-surgical body contouring
  • Multiple treatment
  • Attracts and retains more patients
  • No Consumables
  • Offer both the possibility to use pre-set programs or to run it manually.

The advanced handpiece design of Med2 Contour dual allows the deep penetrating action of the ultrasounds to be concentrated onto the affected tissue only, offering a treatment that is highly effective and safe.

Med2 Contour dual is equipped with a handpiece devised specially both for opening of the lymph nodes and for lymph-drainage massage. The action of the low-frequency ultrasounds followed-up by a lymph-drainage massage, helps to eliminate excess liquids produced by the treatment.

Learn More About Med 2 Contour Dual

Power supply 220 ÷ 240 Volt AC (100 ÷ 130 V) 50/60 Hz single phase
Line fuses 4 AT for 230 V (6.3 AT for 100 ÷ 130 V version)
Power absorption 500 VA
Number of output 2 selected by display
Preselected programs ULTRASONIC HANDPIECE : 12 programs
Ultrasounds frequency 1 MHz ± 20 %
Modulated frequency 20 – 60 kHz
Max Ultrasounds densit 3 W/cm2
BNR (Beam Nonuniformity Ratio) 4:1
ERA (Effective Radiating Area) 4.9 cm2
Class (according to IEC 601-1) 1
Type B
Dimensions 470x530x400mm (l x p x h) without trolley
Weight 19 Kg without trolley

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